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Divine Dance Boutique caters to all dancers, from the beginner to the seasoned professional dancer. Whatever your dance needs may be, we are committed to making sure dancers have what they need to be at their best.

We carry tap, jazz apparel, ballet clothing and pointe shoes. We have dance apparel for tots, teens and adults, and not just leotards! We carry hip-hop items as well as yoga clothing.

We also carry all the needed accessories… jewelry, makeup, hair, etc.

And if we don’t have what you’re looking for, we will be glad to help you find it!

Divine Dance Boutique is an independent locally owned store, not affiliated with any studio.


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Different types of dance apparel in Myrtle Beach

Dance Apparel in North Myrtle Beach

You want to look great when dancing and your dance apparel has significant contribution in achieving this. That is why you need to wear the right clothes based on the kind of dance that you are into. What you wear will help you make you feel good about yourself and provides comfort to your movements.

For basic jazz, the traditional dance apparel to wear will be tights and leotards. These are excellent clothes of choice for ballet since it allows stretching and gives the opportunity to show your body curves which makes easier to check on your proper body alignment. Jazz pants are also good for modern and hip hop dances.

For basic dance apparel, it is always safe to wear something black. It makes your body look slender and makes you look good while dancing. It is best to avoid prints and bright colors because these are loud dance apparel to wear. For women, it is best to have the basic dance apparel in your wardrobe like a pair of leggings, long shorts, jazz pants, sports bra, leotards, fitted top, thin socks or warmers.

Men should have this basic dance apparel on hand: jazz pants, t-shirt, running pants and dark colored shorts. You can complete your apparel for dancing with the right shoes. Running shoes are traditional for hip hop dancing while ballet shoes are intended for ballet. For jazz classes, pair up your jazz dance apparel with a pair of jazz shoes. Most importantly fit is crucial for any dance apparel to make you feel more comfortable in every dance move.

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